Hybrid Electric Vehicles: Don’t Gamble Buying Accidental Ones.

Due to the economic downturns currently being experienced around the world, a whole lot of people have resorted to purchasing used hybrid electric vehicles(HEV), especially accidental ones, hoping that the costs to fix such vehicles, would not create a big hole in their pockets.

Many of these people have been disappointed, considering the fact that most of these purchases were done online, via auction sites.

People still tend to gamble purchasing such accidental vehicles, no matter what the state of vehicle.

Some of these vehicles are tagged, NONE STARTER, which means, they are may have a terrible electromechanical issues, that has prevented them from coming on READY.

Below are some of the vehicles we’ve worked on with such issues:

A Toyota RAV4 2019 hybrid, and a Hyundai sonata 2013 hybrid

Here are some things you need to consider or watch out for when purchasing used, accidental hybrid electric vehicles online:

  1. Avoid front ended damaged vehicles. Look closely at the vehicle you want to purchase online, and ensure that the auction site is genuine. Vehicles with damages around the inverter converter assembly, or the inverter water pump or engine water pump. Ensure the transaxle area is not impacted as well.
  2. Avoid rear ended accidental vehicles that has had a severe inpact on the cargo area, especially, where the hybrid battery pack is located. This may warrant the hybrid pack to be replaced.

Here’s the deal guys! if you have decided to go ahead with such purchases knowingly, be prepared to have a third party mechanic or someone who would be physically present at the place of purchase, to ascertain the nature of the damages, and willing to prepare a quote for you, and/or assist you in getting parts that maybe needed for potential repairs.

Some of these repairs, take a whole lot of time, because of the time and cost put into troubleshooting accidental vehicles. If you’re lucky, some vehicles get to be resuscitated immediately repairs are done, while others, it could take weeks, if not months, to diagnose and fix.

A 2013 Hyundai sonata hybrid

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