There are multiple reasons that may lead you to an engine rebuild. Some of the most common include excessive oil clearances – when you have a low oil pressure or you notice an awful knock coming from the engine -, excessive oil consumption – although you have no oil leaks, the motor oil keeps getting lost, or loss of compression – when you have a hard time to start the engine, when it runs rough, or when there is a lack of power.

You can get your car’s engine rebuilt, instead of purchasing a used one from a junkyard. Some of the engines available in such markets, do not offer service or maintenance history of such engines. They sell them as is.

2010 RAV V6 readying it for engine removal
Displaying a worn out crankshaft journal bearing

Aligning the crankshaft to TDC

The chances of the engines performing is a 50/50 thing. If you are lucky, it could serve you for two or three years, without issues. But if it goes the other way, you might be faced with the same problems that befell the previous on.

Rebuilding offers tremendous benefits, ranging from certainty of engine parts installed, and more durability. The vehicle becomes like a brand new one.

In case you’re considering an engine rebuild, why not give us a call.

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