About Us

You are welcome to Dexterwise Nigeria Ltd. We are a Lagos based automotive and environmental engineering company set up in Aug 2006 as a sole proprietorship business, and later incorporated as a limited liability company in Jan 2015 to cater for the automotive and environmental challenges faced by individuals and corporate organizations.

Dexterwise Nigeria Ltd is your surest way to passionate service delivery, and where all your concerns are taken care of.

We are an auto engineering firm. Every Dexterwise service center is prepared with state-of-the-art equipment. From the latest eco-friendly panel and paint technologies to a fully computerized production system, no other repair shop can compete with us.

Whether your vehicle has a few scratches from daily wear and tear, or you have had a major accident, Dexterwise Collision Damage Repair will restore your vehicle to manufacturer standards,  quicker than you would expect.

Go to a typical body repair shop, and it’s possible you’ll lose your car for weeks, if not months, due to inefficient technology and processes. Or worse still, you could face the situation of your car being repaired out on the street, in a poor environment that simply won’t do the repairs justice.

We focus on preventative maintenance, rather than scheduled maintenance. The difference being scheduled maintenance may or may not prevent a problem from occurring, but preventative maintenance absolutely will.

Through our preventative maintenance programmes, Dexterwise actually reduces the number of problems you will experience with your car, or fleet of vehicles, and saves you money in the long run, due to things simply not failing in the first place – which means your car will be off the road less often

We have plethora of production lines for different levels of damage repair, with technicians who are specialists in different types of repair, all to ensure your vehicle is fixed in as little time as possible, and back to the standard you would expect new from the manufacturer.

Choose Dexterwise to repair your vehicle and we guarantee you will drive away delighted.

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