The unstable rise in the prices of global fuel prices, and the catastrophic impacts of global warming, has resulted in a gradual shift from fossil fueled applications, to a more environmentally friendly, and performance oriented vehicle manufacture in the automotive industry.

Technologies like these differs in their systems of operations from the conventional petrol/diesel powered internal combustion applications.

2008 Toyota Highlander hybrid

2008 Prius with transmission system fluid being replaced
Toyota Camry 2007 hybrid repaired

Hybrid vehicles operate employing two energy sources: an electric motor, and petrol/diesel powered internal combustion engine.

Both energy sources, complement each other during operations.

When looking for a shop to service your hybrid, the biggest concern should be the mechanics’ ability to maintain, diagnose, and perform repairs competently. At Dexterwise Ltd, we’ve gone out of our way to make sure we have the tools, training, parts, and experience necessary to do the job right. We would keep your car running like  new.

We don’t just perform hybrid maintenance and repair. We’ll tackle the difficult failures too, the type of stuff most independent dealerships shy away from.

Inverter pump replacement

Most dealerships do not admit vehicles with battery rebuilt demands in to their folds, probably because of the time consuming nature of the task, but we do.


As part of some of the services we render, hybrid vehicles are successfully converted to conventional petrol/or diesel powered vehicles, without problems.

Although, such modifications has to pass both state and federal emission laws.

Not everyone is so enthusiastic about hybrid vehicles.

Some hybrid car owners might be interested in having their vehicles converted to a conventional car( that uses only a single energy source), than having to live with the traction battery expenses that might come in the near future.


Hybrid batteries, just like any other component of a vehicle, undergoes some form of wear and tear with time.

Usually, when your battery starts failing, the vehicle stalls more often, jerks in some instances, and might output a P0A80(a replace hybrid pack trouble code).

A failed hybrid pack doesn’t necessarily mean the pack is bad. But few modules must have lost their load holding capacity.

Some bad modules from a 2004 Toyota Prius battery pack

The big guys(I mean the independents) do not replace modules, but instead, opt for a new pack replacement, with guarantees from the brand manufacturer.

But here is the deal! We would rip through your hybrid battery, carry out nominal load tests on each of the modules, to ascertain which has low capacity, replace them with known good ones. and guarantee our repairs.

A RX400h battery pack on a worktable

Image result for hybrid pack toyota
Camry 2007 pack

A hybrid vehicle eCVT system

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