F150: Avoid the ’04-’09 models with the Triton engines

Ford motors, traditionally, has been known to manufacture some of America’s reliable, and perhaps, durable vehicles, back in the early years of it’s inception.

Over the years, with the increasing stringent emissions regulations put in place by governments in the EU, and America herself, Ford, along with other vehicle manufacturers, have had to introduce several technological innovations, inorder to be in line with governments laws.

Carbureted engines, were now modified to fuel injection systems, with more improvements made in terms of more horse power and torque increases.

It is in a similar vein, that engine valve train components such as pushrods, rocker arms, are no longer integrated in modern vehicles.

The Ford Triton V8 engine, and some of it’s 4.6L engines, have been known to suffer some peculiar issues, that were not noticed in older crate engines, like the 5.0l pushrod engine.

These engines, were workhorses, without problems, until the Triton V8 engines were introduced starting, 2004-2009.

Most of these engines, had low oil pressure problems, leading to timing chain rattling noises and eventually a damaged engine.

If you are fan of Ford Triton engines, avoid these model years, and go for either post these models, or a 5.0l engine.

Case study:

An imported f150 triton 5.4l V8, had myriads of engine problems, that after all engine rebuild on the truck, it only got worse from one problem to the other, until a 2010 Triton engine we got from a used vehicle market, was installed.

What job was done on the previous engine:

  1. All timing chains and components were replaced with brand new ones.

Ome must be extremely careful, whilst doing a timing chain job on this truck.

The camshaft phasers, have got no timing marks on them, just like what is obtainable on Toyota ZR-fe engines.

Timing this engine accurately, would require some special Ford tools, but if patience is taken, the timing job can be done, without those special tools.

2. Replaced the stock engine oil pump, and the crankshaft sprocket (gear) brand new, because the stock one was worn.

3. Camshaft variable timing control solenoid were replaced as well. The strainer inside the solenoid was clogged, and blown(see fig. above).

Netx time you’re sourcing for an f150, explorer, or expedition, with a V8 engine, avoid the ’04-’09 models with the Triton V8 engine.

If you own a truck with such engines, and have not had issues with it yet, it’s just a matter of time, that the truck would gradually develop such engine issues that would lead to engine replacement in the future.

Thanks for reading.

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